Sunrise Again

Another sunrise. I returned home from my week long trip, but still found the time to go see the sunrise on Saturday morning. How many sunsets will I see? How many sunrises? They happen every day, why do I only find time to see them rarely?

Time Is Money

Time Is Money, Time Is Life, Therefore Money = Life Spend your money wisely. How much is your time worth? Each one of us sells ourselves every working day of our lives, you sell little bits of your life to your employer every day you go to work. How much is your life worth? The… Continue reading Time Is Money


Cut out the cruft, and streamline. Look to the goals I have set. I need to restructure my life, to concentrate on my goals and dreams. I need to work on cutting out all the cruft and create a better faster more streamlined me. Ezra 2.0 There isn’t enough time in one human life to… Continue reading Restructure.


Life is all about balance. Between pleasure and duty; between desires and reality. I can’t seem to find a good mix between my Maker side, and my Minimalist side. On the one side is my obsession with creating things, fixing broken stuff, and modifying and generally tinkering constantly with electronics, bikes, cars, you name it.… Continue reading Balance

Career Choices

Why is it that nearly everyone expects, and wants a career that is dependent on others? A larger entity than ourselves seems to offer stability and control, we don't feel like we are all alone on the seas of change, we are anchored to something larger and greater, and that gives strength to our small… Continue reading Career Choices

The Source Of Poetry

Poetry is not something that simply spills from the mind unbidden. No, Poetry is an essence that travels from one being to the next; it is shared by ingestion of life. A life absent from the poetic expressions found in the trees, the fall colors, the simple poetry of life will never give birth to… Continue reading The Source Of Poetry


‘Lucidity’ is an absolute clarity and understanding. As if all the shadows have been cleared away, and all that remains are hard truths. In average existence, our minds are busy with the details and routines of everyday life; we often exist almost as machines. As if the conscious mind stays just behind the present, and… Continue reading Lucidity

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