Ink Cuneiform

This is my Cuneiform Epitaph. Scratches on clay the remnants of lives, tiny sparks that winked brightly and then went out; time consuming the present moment by moment, Langoliers following closely behind, watching for scraps and pouncing on wasted time. When flesh grows cold, and entropy consumes blood, bones, and essence leaving nothing for the… Continue reading Ink Cuneiform

A Poem For Summer.

I put a poem in the inside of every new moleskine I buy. I put this poem from Tennyson in the moleskine I used for the most chaotic, upsetting and exciting year of my life. (4-2014 to 3-2015) An incredible number of things happened to me and my family during that time, and this poem… Continue reading A Poem For Summer.

Winsor & Newton Bijou Box: My Review After 6 Years Of Ownership

The Winsor And Newton Bijou box is an exquisite objet d’art, I find pleasure in simply owning this little jewel of a watercolor set. It is made by a UK art supply company and is rather hard to obtain in the USA, so i had this one shipped from London many years ago. If comes… Continue reading Winsor & Newton Bijou Box: My Review After 6 Years Of Ownership

Moleskines Before They Were Famous

Moleskines are now cliche objects of perceived creativity. They have a cult following and are everywhere. You can’t go into a coffee shop without finding someone sitting with macbook on one side, and a Moleskine open beside it. My first Moleskine was back in 2004 or 2005, I found it by stumbling on a conversation… Continue reading Moleskines Before They Were Famous

Oh Sea

Crashing salty wet brine leaping off cold wind on to my scorched face, twisting, crawling, trying to burrow deeper into my warm shell of a coat. My fingers are numb at the deep edges. Gulls want more, they scream at me to run in; to try and drown myself upon the soaked and scratched coral… Continue reading Oh Sea

Moleskine Folio StickNotes

Moleskines can be gadgets. This one is. I bought these StickNotes on a whim, I love Moleskine stuff, and this is no exception, but I really don’t need these, I just bought them because I like the design…