What's In My Bag

Through the years I have participated in the 'What's In Your Bag' meme, and here are the snapshots of my bags over time. You might want to start at the bottom of this page and work up from there since I start in 2007


This was a year of building a new life and forming new habits. I started a new job very early in the year, and stopped working for myself. I no longer needed to work freelance and so I didn’t have to carry quite as much stuff. I dropped down from a 34 liter backpack to this much more compact Osprey Spin 22. I pared down a lot of the accessories I had been carrying, but still had to have my computer and iPad along with probably more pens than I really needed. I now don’t carry a wallet, my phone has become my wallet completely. I carry my drivers license and two cards. That is it. I leave my work ID in my work vehicle so I don’t need to tote that around with me everywhere.

Most of this is carried over from last year, with the exception of the new backpack, Jaybird BlueBuds and the phone and wallet case,

  • 1. Osprey Spin 22 Backpack
  • 2. Apple iPad Air 128Gb With Apple Smart Case
  • 3. iPhone 6 & High Haven Wallet Case
  • 4. Jaybird BlueBuds X Bluetooth Earbuds
  • 5. Macbook Air 13″
  • 6. Neoprene Case For Macbook
  • 7. Sennheiser PX100-II Folding Headphones
  • 8. First Aid Pouch
  • 9. Sea To Summit Alph Lite Utensils
  • 10. PlePle Pen Case With Various Pens
  • 11. Swiss Advance Salt & Pepper Shaker
  • 12. Leatherman Skeletool CX
  • 13. Apple Magic Mouse
  • 14. LG PD239 Zink Photo Printer & Moleskine Shell Case
  • 15. Moleskine Pocket Sketchbook
  • 16. Small Moleskine Case (Charging Cables)
  • 17. Ghurka Leather Pouch
  • 18. R.L. Allan & Sons Goatskin Journal
  • 19. Pre-Stamped Notecards
  • 20. Elmers Glue Dot Runner
  • 21. Windsor & Newton Bijou Watercolor Set
  • 22. Misc. Pens & Water-brush
  • 23. Prescription Sunglasses
  • 24. Cree LED Flashlight


Yes, this is a LOT of stuff, but believe it or not, it does all fit in this pack pretty well. I am carrying so much here partially because this is in the middle of a major transitional period involving lots of travel and having to do a lot of different things. I was in the middle of a cross country move, and had to cross the country from PA, to Fl, back to PA, and then FL again, then PA again, and then a Motorcycle trip to FL, then north to Michigan, and then back finally to FL. Yeah thats a lot of driving and flying, and motorcycle riding. all in like 3 months.

I was changing what I was carrying very often, and this was a random day in the middle of all that. I am pretty loaded down: carrying my macbook air,  some shaving and trimming supplies. (including my first DE Razor, the Mercur 46c) I had swapped out the Polaroid Pogo for the new LG Photo Printer. (which fits very well inside a moleskine shell case)

The RL Allan Journal is my newest passion in journaling, it is just amazing. Check out this great review here.   I keep it along with some stationary inside a Ghurka Leather Pouch. (yes it is expensive, but really beautifully made)

Some of the other cool items in this version of my bag are the Sea To Summit Alpha-Lite utensils, and the Swiss Advance Salt-n-Pepper shaker, I also love the Leatherman Skeletool CX, its really great. I have also replaced the worn-out Sennheiser PX-100s, with the second gen PX-100 IIs, which I think sound just great thank-you-very-much.



I ditched my leather messenger bags to go back to a backpack, this time an Osprey Momentum 34. I love the look of a messenger bag, but if you do a lot of walking, and need to carry a lot of stuff, then it has to be a good backpack. The Momentum 34 is a great pack, it is light, has plenty of room, and is made by Osprey so it will last a long time. This pack is a real adventure bag.

I have it pretty well loaded down here, I have a new Haswell Macbook Air (Upgraded from the model before) I am not carrying a power adaptor because the new model of MBA gets fantastic battery life. No more looking for an outlet whenever I intend to do anything important.

Creativity wise, I am caring only 2 moleskins, and some pens, a few watercolors, and most important I have the Polaroid Pogo Printer. I use this tool a  lot when making moleskine journal entries, I take photos, and print them out to put into my moleskine.

  1. Osprey Momentum 34
  2. Prescription Sunglasses
  3. Coghlans Trek I First Aid Kit
  4. Antiperspirant
  5. Wireless Mouse
  6. Glue Dot runner
  7. Starbucks Via Holder
  8. Screen Wipes
  9. Apple EarPods
  10. Granola Bars
  11. Ple Ple Pen Case & Pens
  12. Polaroid Pogo Printer
  13. Moleskine Pocket
  14. Watercolor Set
  15. Large Moleskine
  16. Lighter
  17. Haswell Macbook Air


The iPad 2 was changing how I worked, I had been carrying it since I bought it in 2011, but wasn’t using it as my main device, but this year I tried to go minimal and use it as my primary daily device. I carried the keyboard because as great as the touchscreen is, (and it is great) it is not a real replacement for a physical keyboard. Long-form typing requires a real keyboard.

I was carrying my PX-100s, but after the original cable broke, I re-wired it using an old set of Apple earbuds. I was carrying a pretty minimal set of creativity tools, and though it is not pictured, a pocket moleskine was pretty much always with me too. This is about as minimal as I get.


I was in a very creative time in my life, and so carried a lot of creative tools with me in 2011. I had my beloved Voightlander Vito II camera, and Weston Light Meter with me. I was shooting B+W film and loving the adventure of shooting with a completely manual camera. It isn’t even a rangefinder, so I had to guess the focal distance. I love this camera. Beautiful little folding 35mm.

I had upgraded from the Fossil Perry to the slightly more chic Fossil Mason messenger bag, and I was caring my MBA along, as well as an assortment of cables and even an external drive. (which I never do anymore) I had my normal accessories and my Sennheisers for when I wanted to space out while being creative.

I had a mega overload of Moleskines; there are no less than 4 moles here: one watercolor, one pocket, one large, and one bloody huge Folio size! I was caring my pen case, with some great pens, especially the Lamys, with EF nibs. (my favorite) and a brush-pen. I had my Winsor & Newton Bijou Box, and would take moments to paint in the watercolor Moleskine.


Moo cards were new to me, and I was caring a small card holder with my MOO mini cards. I was carrying Artists trading cards, and some watercolors in the W & N Bijou Box. I was also using a set of watercolor pencils, and a pen case with an assortment of pens, and a water brush.

I had just bought this messenger bag the day I took this photo, and had just transferred all of my stuff, but hadn’t really built my new load-out yet. This is the last hurrah for the daytimer, I had tried to keep using it, I love paper, but scheduling for me had never been the same since I got my first iPhone, and I had been carrying the daytimer almost out of habit. I gave it up not long after this picture was taken.


  1. Macbook Air
  2. Daytimer
  3. PlePle Pen Case & Pens
  4. DVI Adaptor For MBA
  5. First Aid Kit
  6. Watercolor Pencils
  7. Sennheiser PX-100
  8. Fossil Mason Messenger
  9. Kershaw Scallion Knife
  10. Pocket Bible
  11. Gum
  12. Altoids
  13. Moo MiniCards & Holder
  14. ThumbDrive
  15. Artists Cards
  16. W & N Bijou box
  17. Moleskine Watercolor
  18. Comb
  19. iPhone Sync Cable


I am in the Apple world now…. This was taken early in 2009, I had bought the 1st Gen Macbook Air in the middle of 2008, and had completed my conversion from a PC guy, to a Mac guy, and I was loving every minute of it. I was still caring the Fossil Perry Bag, and an umbrella, I had no less than 4 Moleskines with me. (2 large, 1 pocket, and 1 volant)

I was experimenting with Watercolors, and I had a blinky light with me because I was doing a lot of walking at night after work, which also was a reason to keep my load light. Too much weight is not a good idea when you walk 8 miles a day.

  1. Macbook Air 1st Gen
  2. Fossil Messenger Bag
  3. Totes Umbrella
  4. Prescription Sunglases
  5. Pocket Bible
  6. Koss Earbuds
  7. Large Moleskine
  8. National Geographic
  9. Red Moleskine
  10. Mechanical Pencils
  11. Portable Shaver
  12. Pocket Moleskine
  13. Moleskine Volant
  14. Watercolor Set
  15. Gum
  16. Charger
  17. LED Blinker Light
  18. Staedtler Pens
  19. First Aid Kit


I did away with the heavy and bulky Wenger backpack, and instead went with a fossil Messenger Bag, I thought it would also keep me from carrying too mush stuff, and for the most part that worked. I reduced the amount of things I carried with me, and tried to streamline. I was still carrying the MM20, but keeping it in the black folio it is sitting on. This was right before I got rid of the MM20, and bought my first new Apple computer. I have not bought a PC since.

I still carried the Daytimer, and my Moleskine and pens of course. My wife had bought me a subscription to National Geographic (best magazine ever) and I was carrying an umbrella because that was one of the wettest summers I can remember in northwestern Pa. I had my first iDevice; a first generation iPod Touch, that was the gateway drug for me, it wasn’t long before I was a raving Apple lunatic.

  1. Sharp Actius MM20 Notebook Computer
  2. Cambridge City Zippered Folio
  3. Prescription Sunglasses
  4. Pocket Bible
  5. Micro USB Charging Cable
  6. Totes Folding Umbrella
  7. DayTimer Distressed Freeform Planner
  8. Moleskine & Assorted Pens
  9. Apple Earbuds
  10. 3Watt LED Flashlight
  11. Apple iPod Touch 1st Generation
  12. Coghlans Trek I First Aid Kit
  13. Fossil Perry East/West Messenger bag
  14. Charger For MM20
  15. Sketching Pencils
  16. Energy Mints
  17. National Geographic August 2008
  18. Car Keys


This is the earliest version of the ‘What’s In My Bag’ photos that I can find, I was still using the Sharp MM20 ultralight notebook computer, and I didn’t buy a new notebook until the Apple Macbook Air came out the next year. I have always looked for the lightest and most portable notebook, since I carry my computer with me nearly all the time. I prize portability over power in my mobile computing devices.

I was stuffing all of this into a Wenger Synergy Backpack. This is a great pack, but rather lacking in the style department. It is also quite heavy, but that heaviness is because it is so durable, this pack is a tank! My brother-in-law has a synergy that he bought at this same time, and he is still using it 8 or so years later. Very good packs.

I was managing a food production plant at the time, and I used the DayTimer Freeform Distressed Leather Planner as my main scheduling tool, this was back when planners were still relatively common. Now you never see them, but this was a great planner, I loved it, and put the watch face on the strap because It looked cool! 🙂

I was also using the Nokia N770 Internet Tablet which was a very cool device at the time, since it ran a variant of Linux and had a relatively high DPI screen for the time (this was long before Retina screens), it was my go-to device for Twitter (yes I am an early twitterer) and I used it a lot for email. I used the ‘Think Outside Bluetooth Keyboard’  to write long-form emails. I still haven’t found a portable Bluetooth Keyboard that I like as much as this one.

The other odds-and-ends here are pretty standard for me, the ubiquitous Moleskine, and I was into the G2 Mini pens at the time (no longer) The only other constant that has made it though all the iterations of my bags is the first-aid kit. I keep lots of things in it beyond the standard bandages ect. I keep pen refills, aspirin/advil/tylenol and gum, and misc other things. It has been with me a long time.

Also note that I did not have an iPod, or iAnything at the time. This was in my Apple-heathen days. I have since been converted.

  1. Wenger Synergy Backpack.
  2. Sharp Actius MM20
  3. Prescription Sunglasses
  4. DayTimer Distressed Freeform Planner
  5. Cambridge City Notebook
  6. Charger For MM20
  7. Motorola S9 Bluetooth Headphones
  8. Nokia N770 Internet Tablet
  9. Think Outside Bluetooth Keyboard
  10. 3watt LED Flashlight
  11. Spray Deodorant
  12. Motorola Razr2 Flip Phone
  13. Zippo
  14. 512MB ThumbDrive
  15. Pilot G2 Mini Pens
  16. Moleskine
  17. Pocket Bible
  18. Gerber MultiTool
  19. Coghlans Trek I First Aid Kit
  20. Charger For MP3 Player
  21. Paperblanks Faux Moleskine
  22. Samsung MP3 Player
  23. Koss Earbuds