Self Identity

Identity “What do you do?” This is a question for which I have no answer. I get asked this often, and it is the prerennial american question, we are defined by what we do. We are our jobs. I don’t have an answer because I don’t get my identity from my job description, I don’t… Continue reading Self Identity

The Void

There is that which can not be understood; a sharply defined realm of the unknown, our minds touch upon this secret only fleetingly. In a moment of self reflection and lucidity, there can only be silence of the soul. When the mind is free from any shadows of fear or lingering nightmare; then and only… Continue reading The Void


I am the shadow of a forgotten memory glistening on my windowpane, All wet with morning rain. The man I see, only fleetingly; is never me! Yet his visage follows my every waking step.     A dash of wine; spattered on my ragged beard, like so much unneeded blood; I wonder if it is… Continue reading Repreve

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Time Thief.

Darkness beneath the trees; twilight falls slowly down to the mossy leaf strewn earth, while I wait hidden between the dark void of the sky, and the sharp eyes of my pursuers, I keep my breath low and patient, my gaze even and wary. Time crawls across my rifle barrel and drips from my lips. It… Continue reading Time Thief.


Why are some places more inspiring than others? Why do I fail to create anything in my day to day life, and then when I leave and go to a new town, down a different road, or travel far far away, then suddenly the inspiration flows easily? Is is the dull unending routine that I… Continue reading Inspirations

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Poetry In A Glass.

Can sunlight be distilled from wasted years? Can hope be rendered from the detritus of dreams, or peace be found between twisted broken bodies on the battlefield? Poetry drips from broken oak staves where malcontent has been left to ferment.


Cut out the cruft, and streamline. Look to the goals I have set. I need to restructure my life, to concentrate on my goals and dreams. I need to work on cutting out all the cruft and create a better faster more streamlined me. Ezra 2.0 There isn’t enough time in one human life to… Continue reading Restructure.


Life is all about balance. Between pleasure and duty; between desires and reality. I can’t seem to find a good mix between my Maker side, and my Minimalist side. On the one side is my obsession with creating things, fixing broken stuff, and modifying and generally tinkering constantly with electronics, bikes, cars, you name it.… Continue reading Balance

Career Choices

Why is it that nearly everyone expects, and wants a career that is dependent on others? A larger entity than ourselves seems to offer stability and control, we don't feel like we are all alone on the seas of change, we are anchored to something larger and greater, and that gives strength to our small… Continue reading Career Choices

Oh Sea

Crashing salty wet brine leaping off cold wind on to my scorched face, twisting, crawling, trying to burrow deeper into my warm shell of a coat. My fingers are numb at the deep edges. Gulls want more, they scream at me to run in; to try and drown myself upon the soaked and scratched coral… Continue reading Oh Sea

My New Favorite Pen: The Kuretake Letter Pen

I am enamored with my new pen: the Kuretake Letter Pen.
It has a really fine point that allows for heavier lines when pressed hard, it makes really beautiful lettering, and gives my normal handwriting a bit of pretty flair.
 I just loooove it!
 (BTW: I got it from )

Inspiration Kit

Inspiration rarely gives warning; so I must be ready! 

When I suddenly get the urge to make art; I dig into the dark depths of my messenger bag, and pull out my trusty Moleskine Watercolor Notebook and my Winsor & Newton Bijou Box. 

Then, I search for the soft brown wrapped Ple Ple Pen Case,… Continue reading Inspiration Kit

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‘Lucidity’ is an absolute clarity and understanding. As if all the shadows have been cleared away, and all that remains are hard truths. In average existence, our minds are busy with the details and routines of everyday life; we often exist almost as machines. As if the conscious mind stays just behind the present, and… Continue reading Lucidity