A Clutter-Free Life

Lately I have become obsessed with the idea of a clutter free life; and consequently a clutter free mind.

There is an old saying:

“The more you own; the more what you own, owns you.”

I really have begun to feel that way. it seems that I am simply full of stuff. Little things that take up my time and consideration. Part of this is not so much what I have, but how I have it organized. If I compartmentalize my life I don’t have this problem, I can do what I need to do without the various pieces getting in the way of each-other.

For instance all of my photography equipment, lenses, cases, lighting etc. I don’t feel overwhelmed by any of this because it is all neatly in cases ready to be used whenever I wish. The same with my gadgeteering parts and tools, I have it all catalogued and it is simply there for me to access whenever I have the need to do so. My data archives are getting there, I have been steadily moving and consolidating ten years of writings, photos, and other data into one vast data library, this is some progress, and it is encouraging.

Here is the largest dilemma I have: I am working on our new house, and simply lack the resources in one place to be efficient. Most of the problem is due to the fact that we are currently (as of winter 2012) not living there, but about 6 miles away, and this lack of constant presence makes it quite difficult to do more than small things at a time. So my work there is like a patchwork quilt that is making progress, but since it is on so many different fronts, that it may as well not even exist.

Frustrating to the extreme! The solution is quite simple as I see it: Concentrate on the things that need done to be able to move into it. That way I can work each day, and be closer to the project.

-Ezra Hilyer