6 Years

6 years have passed since I last created content here.

Coincidently; or perhaps not by chance; I last posted here about a trip to Paris. I have not been to France since the Pandemic; though I have been other places in Europe during that time.

Today I return to France for a much needed reset. Years drag on and on, time does not stop for anyone -least of all for the author.

I started StrayPoetry in 2006, though it has gone through several iterations in those 18 years; the purpose I for which I created the site has never been fully realized. As many things in life; the goals set recede as quickly as I approach.

The past 6 years have been a time of change. Not merely in my own life, but the entire world has changed immeasurably.

I am in the airport waiting for my flight. A few days in France to revive creativity.