My Workspace As Of 03-07-2008

This workspace is now 3 years old, but I can’t see a single thing on that desk that i still use. I mean even the desk isn’t my type anymore.
The only thing I see here that I still have is the leather daytimer, but even that isn’t used, it is a relic of a pre-iphone time.
How my work-flow has changed since then!!

Cycling To Work

Today, I had to work in Warren, so I decided to take the ‘hard’ way in! I rode in on my bike. All 32 miles of hilly, winding road. I did enjoy it, but my legs feel weak. I haven’t been in good shape this winter. I usually get this way. Every summer I get into fantastic shape, and then when winter confines me, I get all flabby again.

On the trip, I was in the middle of climbing one of the worst hills on the ride, and here comes a guy in a huge SUV, and he waves and gives me the thumbs up sign. I don’t know exactly what his intention was, but I imagined that he was trying to encourage me to keep pumping uphill. I had to smile to myself. Here he was cheering me on, and from the sight of him, I expect his largest workout was pushing the remote buttons.