The Poetic Beauty Of Cœur De Pirate |La Beauté Poétique De Cœur De Pirate.

Truly beautiful music is hard to find. I am always searching for new artists and sifting through popular media for the good stuff. One such artist that I have found is the Canadian Francophone singer Cœur De Pirate, (In English this translates to 'Pirate Heart')  her music and poetic lyrics are amazing, I have been listening her songs nearly non-stop for about 2 months now. Not all of her music is in french, she also has english language music as well.

Some of my favorite songs are:

  • Place de la République
  • Comme Des Enfants
  • Oublie-moi
  • La Petite Mort
  • Tu Oublieras Mon Nom


I am in the process of learning to speak and write french, and as each new word or phrase comes into clarity, I will notice the word in one of the french artists music I have been listening to, it is like a little light comes on in my head when I recognize the word. What started out as a way to learn more french by trying to immerse myself in the music and culture, has become a new found love of French language music. I have been listening to Cœur De Pirate, Stanislas, and Jacques Brel for several months now.

The music of Coeur De Pirate is unique in its mix of heartfelt poetic expression and great piano work, this is the kind of music I love no matter what the language of choice is. This is what music should be.

How I Rate My iTunes Tracks


My active iTunes library is 6,800 tracks long, and for the purposes of reviews, I go through a hundred or more new songs each month. This amount of music would be daunting to manage, but I have picked up a few habits over the years that helps me keep it all in order:

When adding songs to the library, I always rate them as one star.
I have a smart play-list that only shows songs that have one star and have a play-count of 0.
This allows me to quickly go over the new songs that I have yet to hear. I only listen to this play-list when I have the time and presence of mind to focus on the song. I then rate the songs from that starting point as follows:

A decent song gets 2 stars.
Good songs get 3 stars.
Fantastic songs get 4
Songs that are beyond compare get the coveted 5 star rating. (in the library of almost 7,000 songs there are only 57 that have that rating.
If the song fails the test, and is lacking in some way; I remove its one star and rate it 0. This flags the song for either deletion or repair.
There really isn’t a place for songs of one star for long, they tend to cycle through my play-list until they get rated up or down, I then use the sort by rating option to find and remove/fix album art/lyrics on the 0 star tracks.