Cut out the cruft, and streamline. Look to the goals I have set.

I need to restructure my life, to concentrate on my goals and dreams. I need to work on cutting out all the cruft and create a better faster more streamlined me.

Ezra 2.0

There isn’t enough time in one human life to do even half the things I want to do, so I have to throw out the old and choose carefully the direction I want to go. There is no room for mediocrity.

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Focus. Focus. Focus.


After work, I went to a small trivia night gathering in town, and tried to talk and be a part of other people again. I tried to fit in, and to belong…

I realize just how much of my life I have missed. I work all the time, there is almost nothing else. I am a slave.
There is nothing outside of work and obligations for me, I am tied down to a job that takes so much time, and I don’t get out and do anything on the weekends either. I am a slave of my own making. I can’t blame anyone else. It is me.

I used to be a part of life, I played a part, I was involved in things that were bigger than I was. Sure I had my own little cliques, but I didn’t feel awkward around my peers, and I had things to connect me to other people.
I feel like I have lost some of that, I don’t really know where it went, but the last 5 or 10 years have not been good for my inner being, I have turned inwards and lost sight of my real purpose.
I delve deeply into my interests and find new passions, but these are nothing more than distractions, they are an escape from reality.

Where did I go off the rails and lose the energetic passionate entrepreneur that I was? I used to see opportunity where now I only see darkness, I used to pounce on an idea and take it as far as possible, now I hardly bother to make a move, I am convinced that it is hopeless.
Has this town finally killed my drive and positive attitude? Or is it something else?

I don’t see a way out anymore, I don’t see a future where I reach the goals I have always wanted. I only see perpetual mediocrity.


Goodbye Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


Goodbye to Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.
I am using the whole of 2013 to focus more on real life not the shell of one I attend to on Facebook. I want to spend more time being creative, and not obsessing over how many likes I can gather.
After this year of absence from the social side of the Internet I hope to be more able to keep my mind clear of the clutter that seems to be present in my life partially because of Facebook and the like.

I have let my long-form writing lapse, and my own website ( this one) is nearly abandoned, and for what? For an addiction to the instant feedback that I get from my Facebook friends…

Many people I genuinely like and am real-life-friends with are on Facebook, and yes I will miss that part of the experience, but I still have Email, and a phone. Give me an email or a call.. Even better: drop me a real-honest-to-goodness letter.