Daily take by Ezra Hilyer
Daily take, a photo by Ezra Hilyer on Flickr.

This is not typical behavior for me, but after a long day at work, and the pent-up stress of life; I decided to drive the 70 miles from Warren, to Erie for a cup of Starbucks.

There is a closer Starbucks, (25 miles to Jamestown, NY) but I needed the drive to unwind from the week. I needed to pick up a re-supply of coffee as well, and so I bought a pound of their Espresso Roast Beans.

I have heard about their new instant coffee ‘Via’ (which is supposed to mean ‘road’ in Italian), but had yet to try it, so I gave in to temptation, and well designed product promotion, and bought two boxes of Via; Italian Roast, and Columbian.

I only saw one other kind in the store: and that was decaf. I am not sure if there are other flavors, but the two I bought were decent; good for instant, but not show stopping. I also picked up a travel carry case for the Via. It is a plastic (feels like Silicone) that is very clingy to the packets (which I found annoying) and comes with four stir sticks (that seemed overkill, two would have been quite sufficient)

Naturally, I also bought a cup of Mocha, and enjoyed that most of the way home.

For me; I need something to break the monotony of daily life, and to give me a reason to push the boundaries aside: to be more than I am. Perhaps the drive didn’t accomplish all of those things; but at least I got some coffee out of the deal.

-Ezra Hilyer

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