Running For The First Time by Ezra Hilyer
Running For The First Time, a photo by Ezra Hilyer on Flickr.

I have never been a Runner; my sport has always been Cycling (Road,
and Mountain), I have loved being on 2 wheels as long as I can remember.

However, over the last two weeks, I have started to get into running.
It started as a casual interest in developing more endurance, and
excercising a different group of muscles, but now that I have run
nearly 20 miles, I am starting to understand why people find this
sport so thrilling.

The first 2-3 runs were pure torture, I felt as though my calves were
being torn, and the lactic acid buildup would force me to stop
running, and drop back down to a walk. Now that hurdle is past: I am
able to run farther each day.

I bought some Nike+ shoes and a sensor to track my runs, I use my
iPhone 3G S to track the data, and each time I Sync, that run-data
goes to the Nike Running website, where I can analyze it, and join
challenges, and compete againt others, and myself.

This will not replace my cycling, but will be a great addition to it.

-Ezra Hilyer