I am always cutting up stuff and pasting them into my Moleskine. Having a ready source of glue, or other adhesive is always trouble. Glue-sticks melt in the sun; double sided tape is tough to transport, I even tried a Glue Pen, and that was a mess. The only thing that is working for me right now are adhesive runners.

I have been using one made by Elmers that I bought for a few dollars, and it seems to be working, but a bit larger than I wanted. I tried the pink one from Therm-o-web, and found that it wasn’t up to the task. for one thing; it is more a tape runner, and so doesn’t release as quickly as I want. It leaves globs of sticky stuff on the edges of the photos. I don’t like that!
So for now I am back to the Elmers, but I am still looking. If you know of a good compact runner (glue dots preferably) please let me know.

The other idea might be sheets of adhesive dots that I can cut to size, and peel off, but i haven’t found anything like that yet.