I do not consume, I create. I do not absorb, I radiate.

Fin d’amour

Le gai soleil chauffait les plaines réveillées. Des caresses flottaient sous les calmes feuillées. Offrant à tout désir son calice embaumé, Où scintillait encor la goutte de rosée, Chaque fleur, par de beaux insectes courtisée, Laissait boire le suc en sa gorge... read more

Passenger – Home

They say home is where the heart is But my heart is wild and free So am I homeless or just heartless Did I start this, did it start me They say fear is for the brave For cowards never stare it in the eye So am I fearless to be fearful Does it take courage to learn how... read more

Je ne consomme pas, je crée. Je n’absorbe pas, je rayonner!

I do not consume, I create. I do not absorb, I radiate!

-Ezra Hilyer

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The delusive idea that men merely toil and work for the sake of preserving their bodies and procuring for themselves bread, houses, and clothes is degrading, and not to be encouraged. The true origin of man’s activity and creativeness lies in his increasing impulse to embody outside of himself the divine and spiritual element within him. -Frobel

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