Book 2

My life has permanently changed. I am not merely starting a new chapter of my life, I am starting a new book. Many of you have noticed that I have essentially been absent from the internet for 1.5 years. I haven’t been posting, or doing much of anything. That is because a year and half ago I realized that my marriage was broken, and I focused all of my energy into trying to save it. I stopped posting, I stopped projects, I stopped replying to emails. I stopped everything.

I failed, and my relationship with Ami is gone. Let me leave no doubt in your minds, it is completely permanently finished, and I no longer wish to hide that fact from you. To many of you this will be a surprise since I am not a person who speaks about personal matters openly. I have not spoken about this because it was too painful. The pain however is gone. I no longer feel pained to think about this, or have any reason to keep silent.

I am starting a new book of my life, and I have made my decision as to the path I will walk. My decision has been made with a thoughtful heart, and with due reflection on what this will mean for myself and my family. I know now what I will do. I am writing this to let all of you know that changes are coming that you may not be able to understand, but if you have known me at all; then I hope you know that I am not one to make rash decisions and unwise judgements.

What I am about to do will appear out of character for me, and will seem quick and reckless, but I assure you it is not. If I have earned your respect for my decisions, then I ask you to extend that to something you may not be able to fully understand. My decision has been made with finality, and I have such strong conviction that this is what I am supposed to do, that I will allow nothing and no one to stand in my way. Please do not make me chose between you and what I have set out to do, because let me assure you that the decision has been made already and I will not hesitate in my answer.

I will reveal my plans and actions slowly to many of you, and more completely to a few. Comments are closed on this. I am not looking for comments or interaction online, but if you want to send me an email please do:

I have not replied to many of your emails from the previous 18 months, I am sorry for that. I have completely cleaned out my inbox and deleted all archives, I did not want to go through 18,000 emails. If you wish a reply, send me a new email:

The future begins now.