Idea Rays (Or Elusive Thoughts)

I fail to capture the nuances of thought on paper.

My brain is constantly zipping and zapping back and forth bits and bites of great ideas, if only I could capture some of it here on paper! These thoughts are as tiny whips, they buzz by my ears faster than I can capture them, and almost always they come when I am in no way able to write them down.

I am reminded of a bit from the great ‘Terry Pratchett’ who said that the really great ideas just come down from the sky like great cosmic rays and implant ideas into our heads. That an idea just seems to strike us because it does. These ‘Idea Rays’ are where we get inspiration.

I feel like that when I am out working and something wonderful and new, brilliant in its simplicity falls down from the sky and finds me. Then as soon as it has arrived, it is gone once again.


Moleskines Before They Were Famous

Moleskines are now cliche objects of perceived creativity. They have a cult following and are everywhere. You can’t go into a coffee shop without finding someone sitting with macbook on one side, and a Moleskine open beside it.

My first Moleskine was back in 2004 or 2005, I found it by stumbling on a conversation thread on a Daytimer forum. I used to use Daytimer planners religiously, but they were more for job scheduling and not for creativity. I didn’t really journal or keep any sort of permanent notes, I wrote on legal pads and in spiral bound notebooks. The concept of using a permanent notebook for archival journaling was not in my mindset.

I did write a lot at the time, but it was exclusively on the computer and was fiction writing only.

Now I use Moleskines everyday. They have become constant companions to me and I reply on having them near to capture my day and whatever scraps of poetry I come up with.

During the 8 or 9 years I have been using Moleksines they have become very popular, and now you see them everywhere. I remember when they were mostly unknown, and actually bound in Italy, seems like they have lost out for becoming popular.

I miss the days before they were iconic and everywhere.