Goodbye Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


Goodbye to Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.
I am using the whole of 2013 to focus more on real life not the shell of one I attend to on Facebook. I want to spend more time being creative, and not obsessing over how many likes I can gather.
After this year of absence from the social side of the Internet I hope to be more able to keep my mind clear of the clutter that seems to be present in my life partially because of Facebook and the like.

I have let my long-form writing lapse, and my own website ( this one) is nearly abandoned, and for what? For an addiction to the instant feedback that I get from my Facebook friends…

Many people I genuinely like and am real-life-friends with are on Facebook, and yes I will miss that part of the experience, but I still have Email, and a phone. Give me an email or a call.. Even better: drop me a real-honest-to-goodness letter.