A Sincerely Name Rush


Today I received an email from ‘Sincerely’, informing me that I could now secure my name as a subdomain page on their site, and since I use, and love their products, (Printed cards that are snail-mailed for you, from your iphone or ipad.) I went ahead and secured my first name: Ezra

So if you would like a card from me, just go to sincerely.com/ezra and add your address to my address book. 🙂

This is really a great idea, there are so many people who would love to get a real paper card that they can save, or stick on the refrigerator. I know my mom does!

A few years ago facebook did the same thing, and I was able to secure my last-name : facebook.com/hilyer, and at the time there was a huge name rush on. People stayed up until midnight to get their name before anyone else did. I even heard of Facebook domain parties set up just for this purpose. To a lesser extent, this same thing happened to Twitter at first. I remember people grabbing Twitter handles as rapidly as they could hoping they might someday be worth something, and some have proven to be valuable in the long-run.

I do not expect Sincerely to explode in the same way as Facebook and Twitter, (There just isn’t the mass appeal at this point for physically mailed cards), but I think that this move was a smart one. There are so many other directions that Sincerely can go with this in time. Flowers, gifts, singing telegrams, etcetera.

This move shows that they are working hard to build a confident and trusting base of users. (much like Amazon.com did in the late 90s)
The more customers trust Sincerely, the better placed they will be to challenge other companies in this small market segment.

I wish them well.

-Ezra Hilyer

Daytimer Distressed Leather Binder Modification

A few years ago I was using the Daytimer system. I kept all of my appointments and meetings with the daytimer. In that pre-iPhone world, keeping my life on paper was the way it was done.
I enjoyed using the system, and even continued to try and use it after the iPhone, but it was just redundant, so I gave up.

But for posterity’s sake, I thought I would share this little hack that I liked so much.

I took my new Daytimer Distressed Leather Open Binder, and added this watch face to it:


The Search For The Perfect Adhesive Runner.


I am always cutting up stuff and pasting them into my Moleskine. Having a ready source of glue, or other adhesive is always trouble. Glue-sticks melt in the sun; double sided tape is tough to transport, I even tried a Glue Pen, and that was a mess. The only thing that is working for me right now are adhesive runners.