Dreary Winter


Now in the midst of dreary winter, while the hills wear their white mantles, I sense a withering of will, and a drying up of muscle. When buds burst into leaves, I also break out in motion, powering against the rusted pedals, to rush down that path of leaves; rustling. .

Wintry winds tear at my coat, seek to reach my guarded soul, And follow me into my bungalow to snuff out my little flame. When Summer, oh summer, comes, I shall ride the streets of sun, catch the warm rays upon my back, spreading a glow through my winter shrunken frame.

-Ezra Hilyer

How I Rate My iTunes Tracks


My active iTunes library is 6,800 tracks long, and for the purposes of reviews, I go through a hundred or more new songs each month. This amount of music would be daunting to manage, but I have picked up a few habits over the years that helps me keep it all in order:

When adding songs to the library, I always rate them as one star.
I have a smart play-list that only shows songs that have one star and have a play-count of 0.
This allows me to quickly go over the new songs that I have yet to hear. I only listen to this play-list when I have the time and presence of mind to focus on the song. I then rate the songs from that starting point as follows:

A decent song gets 2 stars.
Good songs get 3 stars.
Fantastic songs get 4
Songs that are beyond compare get the coveted 5 star rating. (in the library of almost 7,000 songs there are only 57 that have that rating.
If the song fails the test, and is lacking in some way; I remove its one star and rate it 0. This flags the song for either deletion or repair.
There really isn’t a place for songs of one star for long, they tend to cycle through my play-list until they get rated up or down, I then use the sort by rating option to find and remove/fix album art/lyrics on the 0 star tracks.


The Value Of The Pens In My Case



That number is the value I place on creativity. Or a hinting at the value I give to my writing. That is the cost of the pen case, and pens I carry everyday.
I use these pens like tools, they are the hammer and saw of my mind, the wrench that I use to fasten my mental state to the parchment of my life. Each of these tools has a function different than the others, and like a carpenter; I have a lifetime of choosing the tools that fit my work best…
There are 6 pens in my pen roll.
From right to left; they are:

Lamy Safari Yellow Fountain Pen, with EF Nib. (I have black ink in it. This pen is for dark thoughts, and deep dreams)

Kuretake No. 40 Sable Hair Brush-Pen. (Black Ink here as well, this is for expressive moments, and light flourishes)

Kuretake Letter Pen (This is by far my favorite pen, I use it for letter writing, for recording my thoughts. the tip is fine, and lets me move as freely as my thoughts. I keep Sepia Ink in this one.

Lamy Al-Star Graphite ( I have a blue-black ink in it, and have the 1.1mm Calligraphy nib on it. I use this pen for writing poetry, and for long thought out quotes. There is something about the calligraphy nib that drives me to write well, and poignant. I don’t doodle with this pen.)

Pentel Tradio Stylo with Blue Refill (This is a pen that lets me draw, scribble, and jot. A Pen for light moods, and free thoughts)

Kuretake Water Brush (This is not a pen in the true sense, but I use this in conjunction with my Winsor & Newton Bijou Box to full the world with rainbow colors).

I got all these pens from Jetpens.

Pilot Frixion Eraseable Pens Review


This is the 24 pen set from Jetpens, they are the Pilot Frixion Pens, that are not yet available in the US, but they should be. They are a bit pricy at $50 a set, but there is a bunch of ink in each, so they should last a good long while. I bought them about 7 months ago and I have been using them regularly since, and they are still going strong.

The colors are great, they are more pastel than bold, and the colors show up very well. They write wet, but surprisingly they do not bleed through no matter how thin the paper ( I have tested them even on thin rice paper) which makes them great for lots of things.

Naturally they erase well, and can be written over many times. I also have the highlighter version, and they are just as usefull, it’s good to be able to highlight and be able to erase it again if I choose the wrong color…


Granola Bars

Because I am always out and about during my day, I find myself eating out a lot. I will grab lunch and eat on the run. This isn’t really the best option for eating healthy, and even though I try to eat at Subway or otherwise try and choose healthy options, sometimes it is difficult to make good choices.

Lately I have been bringing granola bars along to stave off those hunger pangs. I have found a brand of bars I really like: they are the Cascadian Farms organic trail mix bars.
I looooove these things!