Walking To Live.

Walking To Live. by Ezra Hilyer
Walking To Live., a photo by Ezra Hilyer on Flickr.

So what do you do when there is no time in the day left to be human? No second free in the daily routine to simply be a man under the open sky?

You walk. Early in the morning, you walk to work, and when the day is done, and the sun is falling again; you walk home.
It is my reprieve from the demands of the day, and the pressures of life.

I can not adequately explain to you how important it is do take the time away from the city lights, and to walk under the stars like one of their long-lost children.

There are moments that can not be captured by word, or photograph, those moments of beauty that rush upon the senses, and drown out the worries, and cares of this petty existence.
Walking under the dark canopy of night, and likewise; to see the sun rise over the hills -gives a sense of place to life on this earth.


Running For The First Time

Running For The First Time by Ezra Hilyer
Running For The First Time, a photo by Ezra Hilyer on Flickr.

I have never been a Runner; my sport has always been Cycling (Road,
and Mountain), I have loved being on 2 wheels as long as I can remember.

However, over the last two weeks, I have started to get into running.
It started as a casual interest in developing more endurance, and
excercising a different group of muscles, but now that I have run
nearly 20 miles, I am starting to understand why people find this
sport so thrilling.

The first 2-3 runs were pure torture, I felt as though my calves were
being torn, and the lactic acid buildup would force me to stop
running, and drop back down to a walk. Now that hurdle is past: I am
able to run farther each day.

I bought some Nike+ shoes and a sensor to track my runs, I use my
iPhone 3G S to track the data, and each time I Sync, that run-data
goes to the Nike Running website, where I can analyze it, and join
challenges, and compete againt others, and myself.

This will not replace my cycling, but will be a great addition to it.

-Ezra Hilyer

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Moo Card Box Geocache!


I have taken to it like all of my passions: with fervor, and a total disreguard for anything else.
I am a little like the character of ‘Mr. Toad’ in ‘The Wind In The Willows’
I take to each new endeavor with an energy that leaves all else in it’s wake, and when the next thing comes along, off I go in that new direction.
In any case, I have taken a great interest in Geocaching, and today I placed my first Geocache! I have had an old plastic Moo Card box lying around for about a year, and have been looking for an excuse to use it. It makes an excellent small Cache container.
I put a small glass Marble that I found near where I have hidden the Cache inside; this little marble is the hand rolled kind, and is probably 100 years old or more. There is also a quote torn from an old book, and a 3 pence silver coin from 1918.
A log book naturally, and a few Moo cards complete the box.
I marked it with the Geocache sign, and hid it near my parents house In a place that I love.
Happy Caching!
-Ezra Hilyer

Warren: 8:00am


Warren: 8:00am, a photo by Ezra Hilyer on Flickr.

Walking to work this morning was like scratching a blackboard with every step, the snow screeching under my feet, and chills running up my spine.

The temperature is well below zero, and the river is swimming with shards of ice-pack.

Yet as I crossed the bridge, I saw a small duck take flight from the rime and dark.

One small spark of life amid the cold.


Cycling To Work

Today, I had to work in Warren, so I decided to take the ‘hard’ way in! I rode in on my bike. All 32 miles of hilly, winding road. I did enjoy it, but my legs feel weak. I haven’t been in good shape this winter. I usually get this way. Every summer I get into fantastic shape, and then when winter confines me, I get all flabby again.

On the trip, I was in the middle of climbing one of the worst hills on the ride, and here comes a guy in a huge SUV, and he waves and gives me the thumbs up sign. I don’t know exactly what his intention was, but I imagined that he was trying to encourage me to keep pumping uphill. I had to smile to myself. Here he was cheering me on, and from the sight of him, I expect his largest workout was pushing the remote buttons.