MacBook In Library by Ezra Hilyer
MacBook In Library, a photo by Ezra Hilyer on Flickr.

I do not absorb; I radiate!

I do not consume; I create!

This is my motto; it is my creed. I spend hours each day forcing my mind to follow that path. The majority of the hours in my day are not under my control; between my job, and the work I do on the house, I have perhaps 3 hours a day to spend as I wish.

I choose to spend that time in creative endeavors, not in fruitless consumption of mass-media, I choose not to have a TV for the simple reason that the time spent in-front of the Television, is wasted.

The time that I would spend there on the couch, I put into other things: this blog is one of those. I carry around a notebook, and write down ideas, that would otherwise evaporate; and in that time after work, and before bed, I take those ideas out, and expand upon them.

I would not be able to survive otherwise; I am not content to live my life as a bio-mechanical machine, to work my life for the pursuit of ‘Things’, I wish to experience life to a fuller extent than I have been able heretofore.

When I pay my bills, I do not pay them with simple dollars, but with hours of my life, each penny spent, is a part of my life that I have sold. When will the hemorrhaging of hours end? Will I forever be stuck in this perpetual circle of life from one paycheck to the next?

I refuse to accept this; I refuse to acknowledge even the chance of a life spent in this way. I wish to have my time free to create. To make this world a better place, and to explore all the avenues of thought.

There is precious little time to learn all that there is to learn, and to visit all the places in this world that hold beauty. Why spend all my life behind a desk, in a dark cellar? Or to weaken my eyes with the flickering images on a small screen?

I am going for a walk.

Poetic Coffee

Poetic Coffee by Ezra Hilyer
Poetic Coffee, a photo by Ezra Hilyer on Flickr.

There is something deeply poetic about coffee. The grinder pulverizing the beans, the ritual tamping of the fresh grounds, and that beautiful smell when the first coal-black drops of liquid cascade into the cup.

When the steamer sings its song; and the union of sound, sight, and savor meet in that moment -such is the stuff of perfection.

I remember when my romance with Coffee started; it was on my first visit to Starbucks, in Portland Oregon in 2002. Before this; coffee was something that only came in luke-warm pots, and had to be dosed heavily with sugar, and then mixed with milk.
It was a part of the day, but never the hightlight.

Upon that first visit; I entered a new world. I remember how the entire building was drowning in the heavy scent of the sacred bean, and the sounds of the drinks being prepaired was an alien music.

Throughout the rest of that 2 week visit, I took the chance to return there many times, and it started what has become a lifelong love.

When I returned home, there were no local coffee shops nearby, at the time the nearest Starbucks was over 100 miles away.
So, over the next few years; the only time I would get to visit Portland would be heavily filled with visits to coffee shops. I would wander the city always with a cup in my hand.

Eventually, a small shop opened up in Warren, (20 miles from where I then lived) and I could then expirence good coffe regularly, and would sometimes make the trip into town just for a sip of that heavenly liquid.

I even took my future wife Ami, on our fist date to that small local coffee shop; and not long after that, she started to work as a Barista there. Many of my memories of our dating life are laced with the scent of coffee, and the whirr of the machines.

Last year Ami bought me a Breville Espresso machine for my birthday, and from her expirence as a Barista; she taught me to prepare all of my favorite drinks. The world has come full-circle, now I can re-live those memories, and moments whenever I take the time to start the ritual process, and turn those dark roasted beans into sacred powder.


My Workspace As Of 03-07-2008

This workspace is now 3 years old, but I can’t see a single thing on that desk that i still use. I mean even the desk isn’t my type anymore.
The only thing I see here that I still have is the leather daytimer, but even that isn’t used, it is a relic of a pre-iphone time.
How my work-flow has changed since then!!

I Want To Ride!!

I Want To Ride!! by Ezra Hilyer
I Want To Ride!!, a photo by Ezra Hilyer on Flickr.

I want to get out and ride the trails again; I want to get back to the
Each summer, I spend time riding my favorite trails, and this summer
will be no different, but I am getting impatient for the time, and
weather to move in my favor.

I have a bad case of spring fever, and being out, and walking, and
running is not helping as much as it normally does, It is taking a
while to get over this past winter.

-Ezra Hilyer