Walk Into Town


A nice brisk walk into town on the morning, while I am here visiting my brother, I (and Mark) walked into town to meet Andrew after work. Portland is an amazing place, and it was fun to see the hundreds of cyclists, and we had to stop for about 15 minutes while the Hawthorn Bridge was raised.


5 Day Trip (Packing List)


This Mind-Map is a list of everything I took with me on a 5 day trip to Portland.
As you can see I went light and minimal.
The one thing I decided to take regardless of need, is my classic Voigtlander Vito II camera. Yes it is 60 years old and l could easily just take photos with my iPhone, but there is something special about that camera. I love it.
I also took along a Weston Master III light meter. Again old: it was made in the late 40s, but in conjunction with the Vito, it is like stepping back in time.

This is the first trip I have made that I have decided to leave my MacBook at home, and take my iPad instead. I debated this decision for a while, but in the end decided that if there was anything I really needed a full fledged computer for, I would just VNC back to my Mac at home. This trip is for pleasure anyway, I am going to try and avoid any ‘real work’ if I can.



Outside!!! by Ezra Hilyer
Outside!!!, a photo by Ezra Hilyer on Flickr.

It was finally warm enough to get out on my bike yesterday. I took my iPhone with the Geocaching App and went looking for Caches, all I cared about was getting outside and riding my bike again.
There is no feeling quite like it.

Why I Drove 140 Miles For A Cup Of Coffee.

Daily take by Ezra Hilyer
Daily take, a photo by Ezra Hilyer on Flickr.

This is not typical behavior for me, but after a long day at work, and the pent-up stress of life; I decided to drive the 70 miles from Warren, to Erie for a cup of Starbucks.

There is a closer Starbucks, (25 miles to Jamestown, NY) but I needed the drive to unwind from the week. I needed to pick up a re-supply of coffee as well, and so I bought a pound of their Espresso Roast Beans.

I have heard about their new instant coffee ‘Via’ (which is supposed to mean ‘road’ in Italian), but had yet to try it, so I gave in to temptation, and well designed product promotion, and bought two boxes of Via; Italian Roast, and Columbian.

I only saw one other kind in the store: and that was decaf. I am not sure if there are other flavors, but the two I bought were decent; good for instant, but not show stopping. I also picked up a travel carry case for the Via. It is a plastic (feels like Silicone) that is very clingy to the packets (which I found annoying) and comes with four stir sticks (that seemed overkill, two would have been quite sufficient)

Naturally, I also bought a cup of Mocha, and enjoyed that most of the way home.

For me; I need something to break the monotony of daily life, and to give me a reason to push the boundaries aside: to be more than I am. Perhaps the drive didn’t accomplish all of those things; but at least I got some coffee out of the deal.

-Ezra Hilyer

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