Idiots Working For Best-Buy & Other Pet Peeves.


So I go out to look at the new iPad 2 at ‘Best Buy’, just to see if I like the white better than the black. (Turns out I do, and plan to get the white instead of the black this time around)

In any case, I get there, and start looking, not more than a few moments go by before two separate people come up to see if I need ‘help’. Now under normal circumstances, if I am looking for some help there is never anyone remotely near, but sure enough now they are all around.
I am grateful, but “No I don’t need any help, thank you ever so much.”

One of these sales-guys then starts to talk to another guy who is looking at a 15″ MBP, and is asking questions.
Customer: How much memory does this have?
Employee: 500 Gigs.
Now, I am not about to butt in, and tell this guy that in-fact it doesn’t have 500 gigs of ‘Memory’, but that it has 500 GB of hard disk storage…NOOOOO, I keep my mouth shut.
Customer: How durable is it?
Employee: Oh you can’t hurt it, its solid state.
if I had been drinking something; I would have spit it across the room, that model wasn’t standard with a SSD, it had a normal drive, no solid state here!
Customer: “Can I use any program with this computer?”
Employee: “Yep its fast enough for just about anything”
Now in one sense that is true, that Macbook probably can handle just about anything you throw at it, but this customer was clearly not from the ‘Mac world’ and so might have been asking if it would run his copy of word from his old XP box. No word of clarification from the ‘Best Buy guy’, just a blanket: ”Yep”
This is why I don’t spend much time in that store, and rarely buy anything there, its that pimpled kid that thinks that he knows it all just because he can replace a power supply. I can only grit my teeth and shake my head.